• taaanniiiii 33w

    Don't know.. but for some reason.. nights are always more beautiful ❤

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    The night writeups..

    And every night.. when the lights goes dim..
    When the sound of the city fades..
    The twinkling starts and the soothing breeze takes over..
    I gaze upon that sky.. from the window.. ⛼
    Billions and trillions of the cells that I have.. gets abruptly loaded with so many thoughts..
    Some good.. some bad.. some scary.. some soothing.. ❤

    I think and think and think..
    About what I still don't know..
    But then this mind keeps on digging and dodging.. from one thought to the next..

    With no answers.. with no ends..
    It's just weird and infinite..
    Just as the sky.. I gaze onto.. ♾