• aesthete_03 90w

    Crooked Smile ��
    It is not ours
    it is mine.
    You gaze at it for hours
    like it is a gold mine.

    (A Smile Braces Could Never Straighten)

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    oh me, oh my!
    the spring sunlight glanced on the window of your eye
    my lense looked at you
    like there was something worth looking at
    the type of look that Romeo would give to Juliet
    you look like a beautiful, picturesque sunset over the ocean
    and I think you are picture-perfect
    tell me, how do I smile like you?

    there is something about your smile
    it makes someone's heart take a pause
    it has a crippled old man standing on ten toes
    your smile spreads like a red tint on ripening tomatoes

    oh yes! indeed, summer is in the air
    and my camera gives you reasons to stare
    if I need you to share
    a smile with my camera, would you dare?
    smiling faces are everywhere
    but a crooked smile is very rare
    how do you turn a crooked smile into something fair
    how do I smile like you?