• saahilc078 66w

    Nostalgia hits me back as my grandma asks to see my younger self as she shows love no matter what she feels like as i sit down and she slowly head pats me remembering the old times and i feel loved and i slowly realise how love exists in different forms and i take another sip of my tea looking at her with my virtual tears of happiness rolling down my cheeks saying "how can you?", How can you show love though you hardly remember who i am and i can see it in her eyes that she never really forgot, and looking back at the television playing the old video of us she smiles inside being happy that she never forgot and all it feels like is being loved again....i wish life would or could go on this way cause there is no hatred without love or love without hatred, and there is always that someone who never forgets to love cause they just do it unconditionally....hmm and all i can say is it joins the very pieces of one together and even for a little time its worth it, its worth putting the whole world at a pause