• simon_rock_pujari 26w

    Within you; without you

    What's so mysterious about these evenings?
    That conspires my mind dangling
    in around the same question

    What if?
    I told you
    that i still miss you

    Would it still matter?

    I feel like walking down the same old road
    that leads to nowhere
    not even trying to find the answer
    But just asking myself

    When the days been hard
    When the Sun don't shine
    When the things i do, start to lose it's meaning
    making least sense - for whom am i doing it at all?

    There's nobody waiting home. . .

    But, there comes a big twist of "but"
    Alike in each and every story
    Percolating rainbow through the dark and heavy cloudburst

    That shows me
    It's not over, yet!
    there's still something left to it

    something for you to linger on
    in a lonely cup of tea,
    sad Narayan gopal songs,
    on silent evenings
    a few hopeless love poems,
    a little bit of sunlight,
    a rainbow

    Making sure that
    however times maybe

    I'll always carry you around
    somewhere in me

    a part of you in a part of me

    "A-part of you in A-part of me"

    तिम्रो साथ नभए पनि साथ छौ तिमी