• shivranjanibhati 18w

    Hbday jhope
    You are my sunshine
    The sun was reborn in a human form,
    But turns out to be more beautiful than a summer sunset inthe ocean horizon,

    Jung Hoseok
    The Little boy from gwangju who made it to the world's biggest boy band (BTS)
    The sunshine who smiles like summer
    Who's our piece of peace
    The hope and the light of our lives
    The most attractive and hardworking dancer/rapper thank you for being"you"
    Being our" j-hope "✌️
    Thanks to our sunshine
    He is such a beautiful soul his Little smile inspired me to be happy and joy

    Thank you for hardworking
    I'm your hope you're my hope I'm jhope

    To bangtan's and army's only sunshine, Hobi
    A very happy and brightful birthday to you