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    (PS. - personal views, have no intentions to hurt anyone's sentiments. It's okay, if you don't agree to it.)

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    Writers are deceptive

    Writers are those bunch of people who use their arms of words to fight their battle with themselves only. They constantly have to fight against their emotions, their thoughts and their imaginary world they reside in.

    They have a different perspective to everything, they see or feel. They've indeed faced a lot of things in life, like any other being, but they use their words to comfort themselves over the horrible reality. This way they give hope to general population, while their own hope lies on the ground, shattered.

    Imagine, if it were not for writers, who would told you to find peace, even in your failures; who would have glorified the incomplete love stories; and who would have mended the broken heart pieces into a thing of beauty?

    Writers bleed pain, while painting them in rainbows. And a reader gets fantasised over reading those words. For a reader, who has not felt any of those emotions, a writer has written about, a sense of curiosity lingers. Just a like a kid, who doesn't understand why he's asked to stay away from gas flame, till he burns his own fingers.

    Moreover, a writer frees himself, of all the toxic emotions he had been carrying after penning it down. Poison is depicted as heaven's drink in the hands of a writer. A true writer has a part of him etched over the words of a fictional plot. Because nothing is fiction to him, he himself lives in a parallel universe.

    When I say, writers are deceptive, I don't mean to dishonor them. Whatever they've written, was indeed true. But it was true till the time they were penning it down. Coz after that, they have given up that part of themselves, for ever, in those words. So what you read is indeed them, but the abandoned them.

    You get connected to a writer because of their metaphorical pieces of poems and stories. You felt as if you know them. You feel an urge to help them, to take them out of their pain. You fall for them, passionately. Because, who doesn't want to be immortal? The idea of them being in love with you fascinates you. You dream of being an object, they would love to write about.

    And I'm not saying to not do so, but don't do it for some selfish glory. Because a writer is not an easy person to be with. They're deceptive. They are the masters of words. They know how to shatter your heart with a single phrase, and then to bloom it again with another. They will write sonnets, and you'll assume that it's for you. It may not be, always. They may write love poetries, while they still are cleaning their messy stories. They may write about planets and universe, and would be glorifying moon for its scars, yet they fail to love themselves for what they are. Their words are deceptive.

    They create illusionary delusions with their words for a reader. That's how they spill their fantasies out. But fantasies are not reality. And at the same time, all they write is not fantasy either.

    Know, that a writer is not a single person. The one who writes, the one who feels and the one who acts, are all the three different persons, hidden within a single being. Acceptance to all the three, is the only way to not get deceived by them, and their words.

    So whenever you read someone, feel it, because you can't control that. A good writer's work has to be felt. It's involuntary. But before you begin assuming them, for what they write. Stop. And save yourself.

    Coz Writers are deceptive;
    in some way or other, for sure.