• vangelis 19w

    ��The little note of a lilac to a gentle breeze that made the petals to dance��.....
    Separation is pain, yet some things are supposed to be separated. Some relations demand one to get separated so as to avoid a fixed fate that is known. Everyone need to move on��...Yet separations create a void in our heart...

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    Zephyr and Lilac:
    A melody of melancholy.

    We are together a lie, my dear
    A lie as fragile as a lilywhite
    A lie that seem truth to many
    You came to me as a breeze,
    Singing with the fragrance of rain
    I, a mere lilac in the garden
    Dancing to your tune
    As you gave your wide arms
    towards me to dance with you
    I looked into your gleaming eyes
    with the hope to see a universe
    That can treat the
    hidden torments in me.
    But all I could see was a void.
    Yet I never wanted you to go.
    I wanted to dance with you.
    I kept smiling to you even when
    I knew, you'll head south one day.
    Torments kept pricking me.
    I beared with them.
    But the wound got worse day by day.
    Yet I wanted you to smile.
    You were always right.
    I was the wrong in our poem.
    I want to make you a hurricane.
    So that you'll be strong enough to move on
    even when I leave one day.
    But all my strength drained out,
    I withered and fell. I'll bloom again.
    So you should move ahead.
    And stay happy from a distance.
    I wish for nothing more.
    Together, we made a puzzle
    that'd never fit together.
    We are transient, so let's sunder-
    But promise me that
    You'll send me your stories
    through the agile butterflies of time.