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    I will be okay and fine with if you forget to bring me anything, but tomorrow when I will not be there, I want all of you to remember me for everything I've given you in my full capacity.

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    The will to give.

    I have had had enough discourses on reciprocity. I do not construe reciprocity like others. In fact, I don't think I like the act of reciprocity at all. It is an important element to sustain here in this world, and without it, society would be absolutely dysfunctional. True, I abide by that. My understanding is, give enormously and expect nothing in return. Give and pour so much that at some point people will remember you for the good deeds. It's not necessary one needs to be resourceful enough in order to give, but the will to give is what matters here. Plant this seed now, the result will be fruitful.