• aiyra0903 184w


    The first letter, the first word
    Going for breaks in a hoard
    The countless practices, the stage fright
    And oh, those sleepless nights.
    A glance of a teacher made us faint
    But they filled our canvas with paint.
    From 1,2,3 to trignometry
    From body parts to organic chemistry
    From Red Riding Hood to Shakespeare
    Making a head spin in fear!
    From rotation revolution to topography
    From Harappan Civilization to Hitler's biography.
    Twelve long beautiful years,
    Twelve amazing memorable years,
    Twelve years of this roller coaster ride,
    Twelve years of being on a different side.
    As I stand, about to leave
    The red walls seem to call me back,
    The red bricks had formed my home
    I realise its importance as in the world I roam.
    The naughty tricks, the stupid lies
    We didn't realise how fast time flies.
    Excitement for the picnic and chatting away
    Today in the big, bad world do we alone lay.
    Eagerness for the lunch break
    Or in the bus, the quick power nap
    If protection existed,
    It was surely in the tamarind tree's lap.
    The world outside is cruel and bad
    Now we miss what we had.
    These wonderful times are now past,
    With tearful eyes a dream look we cast.
    The clock kept ticking away,
    The sand kept slipping away
    Who knew that 'forever' would be so short
    The happiness found here can never be bought
    The universe plays such tricks,
    'Goodbye' felt like a thousand pricks.