• elhuzzy 21w

    When I was a child;
    I lived life and don't worry why,
    I had no problems nor challenges,
    My only problem then was to quench away my thirst and hunger.

    My childhood memories were full of fun.

    I have now grown up to adulthood,
    I'm facing challenges every day and life is giving me tough times.

    There were times I felt frustrated, rejected, worthless and hopeless because my hard work is not paying.

    Life has not been easy at all

    I have read books on self responsibility, management and control, growth and self-motivation.

    Especially those books that talked about life in every ramification

    I have settled to face the dangers and worst part of life.

    I have came to live in a society full of violence, robbery, abduction, rape, sexual assault and even murder.

    I've summoned up courage and developed confidence to fight my fears.

    I've chose to be brave and survive no matter how ugly life could be.

    I look in to the future with hope that better days would come

    I surrounded myself with people who can add value and growth in my life.

    I have the talents, potentials, and beliefs that my future will be bright

    ©Yahuza Abdulkadir