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    Why don't people remember they can be alone ,
    But yes lonliness is what ,which from our mind can't be thrown.

    Make sure if you are alone or embraced by lonesomeness,
    If it destroys you , then it was your carelessness.

    Don't try to conceal your loneliness with all those fake smiles,
    At the end you will know it was all futile .

    Let yourself get all the happiness of the whole world ,
    You surely do deserve it , specially when you whirled .

    Don't worry about them who never felt your absence,
    It also proofs that they felt the same for your presence.

    You are alone! Scared ?
    You just have to love yourself and that's declared.

    Do you remember when this sadness was new,
    And the only one who made you laugh,was you.

    Just let this whole thing go to hell,
    Dear look at the world there are so many things to nail!

    There can be no person who can make you fell terrible,
    You swore , it had to be only you , to make you feel horrible .

    After these years one day you will realise,
    Somebody fell for you madly without any bias.

    And then you will be nostalgic ,
    Telling good bye to being alone like a magic!!!!