• ursanonymous_ 37w

    #lets serve for humanity

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    I wonder in complete suspension,
    If I die tomorrow, will any body be in tension?

    I doubt if I have made memories or not,
    But you all made me happy ,so thanks a lot.

    Some people might hate it or some might love it,
    It's doesn't matter much, for the loved ones will curse it.

    I regret if I have ever hurt you,
    Please, it's a sorry from me and I really respect you.

    My intentions weren't bad , just actions were cruel,
    I wish you accept the apology before my body finish it's fuel.

    I was really not angry just a little mad,
    To tolerate it thanks mom and dad.

    And yes, I have friends who are rare,
    I trusted them and with me they all were fair.

    I am thankful to god to let me see today's sunrise,
    Yahh! I am not afraid to accept, if tomorrow my soul dies.

    I am proud that I did all my karmas,
    Proud to be the one who followed all the dharmas.

    Hoping all to accept if it's reality, but don't spread the sorrow,
    Cause it's just a mystery , what if I die tomorrow?