• kairos_ 48w

    Hour 0:
    Trumpets blew,
    my fame entered the room
    silencing critics
    before me,
    empty chairs
    lit up in hollow adulation
    and applause.

    Hour 1:
    "Preparations and
    mindsets were
    for the
    amateurs", I whispered,
    "My gibberish
    had potential to
    the deaf.", I stated

    Hour 2:
    Under my very
    own overconfident spotlight
    I stood,
    shivering, as
    the stage
    was prone
    to nervousness,
    not me.

    Hour 3:
    With borrowed confidence,
    I spoke
    and the shaky mic shrilled,
    I stuttered
    I blamed the mic
    for my

    Hour 0:
    Upbeat still,
    I sat on
    the empty chair,
    accompanied by
    absent minded claps,
    where I made up
    for my
    next fumble.

    - T.S.

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    "Digging a pit,
    falling into it.
    I was very brave,
    to make my grave."