• mmbftd 45w


    At every turn
    I'm reminded
    Of the burn
    These flames licked
    The streets
    They grew
    Ochre yellow light
    Flickering into blue
    All the tears
    And we've been silenced
    Longer than we admit
    Who wants to believe
    In this insidious reality?
    But I'm old enough
    To remember the hope we had
    And when our skin
    Wasn't the 1st thing
    On our minds
    But then
    That was my delusion
    Wasn't it?
    I've never known
    The way it hurts for you
    Only my own pain
    Fueled my spark
    The match got lit
    In 92
    And history repeated
    But before that
    It was a fable
    Built on our parent's backs.
    I remember love
    Before the algorithms
    A pyre to be sure
    A pure and explosive
    And tenuous combustion.
    I'm old now but not done
    My heart still grinds on
    And everywhere I look
    I'm reminded of this burn
    I'm old but not removed enough
    To not take another turn
    But I remember when
    Skin on skin or hand in hand
    Didn't have a motive or a plan
    Before there was a machine
    To set us against each other
    And yes our world is on fire
    There's a clenching of fists
    I'm standing here beside you
    But you'd never recognize me
    No you'd never see me
    They've spun their silk
    To anchor us
    A silver thread
    Of melancholy isolation
    And more is coming
    Inside that needle
    Tracking you and I
    No matter our colors
    Or categories
    And I turn in my sleep
    Crying for us all
    I turn as they turn their screws
    Into us
    I burn I burn I burn
    Will we never learn?
    We burn for them.
    It's what they crave.