• _purple 45w


    A woman can cry
    She can conquer
    She can fight
    A woman can be family oriented
    She can be work focused
    She can take no shit
    A woman can lead
    She can shout
    She can be brave
    She can be afraid
    A woman can be pretty
    She can be butch
    She can read books
    She can be geeky
    A woman can be single
    She can raise kids alone
    She can have multiple partners
    She can love sex or hate it
    A woman can be whatever she wants to be
    She shouldn't be defined by her body
    Her clothes
    Her choice of words
    A woman has a choice
    She has rights
    She should be heard when she speaks

    Women are real no matter what
    They should be proud to be women
    And not try to change for anyone