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    My dear younger self,

    I won't tell you
    that life is a bed of roses
    According to me
    Your life is an unplanned trip
    And you will have to travel
    Sometimes you will be alone
    And sometimes you will be
    accompanied by some familiar
    faces and sometimes you will meet
    some strangers

    Everyday your mind
    will be filled with new experiences
    Each day will leave its footprints
    on your heart
    Sometimes you will cry
    for something or someone
    And after some days you will laugh
    on your own self for the same reason
    Sometimes you will not be able to sleep
    because of failures and rejections
    And sometimes you will keep awake
    to celebrate your victories

    Your life is a blank paper
    And you will write your own story
    Others can guide you
    but only you know what you are feeling
    You know your fears and strengths
    You know your likes and dislikes
    They can't peep into your mind and heart
    They can't see an album of your dreams

    Life is beautiful
    Life is the biggest blessings
    But you have to face it with courage
    You have to accept flowers with thorns
    Don't postpone your celebrations
    for big achievements
    Celebrate your small goals
    Enjoy each step of your journey
    Sing loudly when you are alone
    Be true to yourself
    Because only pure hearts can hear
    their inner voice
    Never ignore your inner voice
    It will guide and protect you
    Follow it
    I won't say that you will not face
    any obstacles
    But you will overcome them easily

    And yes, talk to yourself everyday
    You will find your answers
    You will solve your problems
    Because it is your life
    No one can live on your behalf
    No one can walk for you
    So whether you smile or cry
    You will have to walk
    So enjoy your journey
    Smile with your eyes
    Laugh from your heart

    With lots of love and blessings,
    Always there for you,