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    Oh man, I can't seem to stop writing about writers and writing! Am I out of topics?

    ��This is for all the writers out here (well, again!) ��

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    P.S.: The restaurant's name was 'Of rhythm and brews' which made me think of writing this.

    ❤️ Aannnndd thank you WN for the repost. ❤️

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    Yes, I am a writer!

    Yes, I am a writer.

    I look at the traffic from my car and see the drivers lost in their smartphones while the light is red. And I want to write about slaves tied to their master.
    I stargaze and realize how small a part I am in the universe. I want to write about tiny things and the mighty ones; about coexistence, about synchronization.
    I read the name of a restaurant and make it the subject of my poesy, I smell a flower in the bush and I want to make it the title of my poem.

    Yes, I am a writer and I'm always on the lookout for topics to write on.

    I walk out of my daily grocery store and as the grocer smiles at me warmly and puts a small candy in my basket, I want to write about friendship; about unnamed bonds.
    I hang up my phone after a 2-hour long call with my 200 kilometres - far best friend at 2 AM, and still want to write her a 2-page long letter ranting about how badly I miss her; about love and longing.
    I glance at the clock and think of how circumstantial 'time' actually is! The night is too short for a sound sleep and the day is too long to stay awake. I just feel the need to write an anecdote about myself and time.

    Yes, I am a writer and I always relate myself to everything.

    I cry on a pillow and write my tragic saga on the walls, I laugh with my family and store the words of ecstasy only in my heart. Oblivious of the evil side of the world, I often unsee the plight of homeless children on the roads and bless the beautiful babies born with a silver spoon. I want to write about every contrasting thing I see and do.
    I travel to find inspiration, I observe people to learn, I read books to influence my mind, I listen to the differences in the universe, I constantly feel the need to elevate my vocabulary, my thesaurus, and my rhymes.
    The river, breeze, autumn, sunrays, waterfalls, nightingales, kittens, daffodils, cherries, mirth, poverty, birth, death, all seem to talk to me.

    Yes, I am a writer and I'm always listening.