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    I know lately I am inactive. Apologies for not writing.
    In my previous posts I would have mentioned about me getting held with my works. Alright! So on this National Reading Day, let's all engage with words and get lost in different worlds ✨.
    I know this is a late post btw. Assuring to soon write more.
    With loads of love,
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    National Reading Day

    On this national reading day, I really can't say how much reading has impacted my life and me. Sharing few with you all.
    Reading - Just the word is enough to excite my lazy soul. It's one place where I find my peace. It's one means of transport that let me travel to different worlds and has given me a varied different highs. "Books are our best companions" very rightly said, a hand-in-hand friend, to make us all feel better. I just feel more myself around books. I do not know about the ones who don't read but damn sure about even them being addicted to reading once if they start. Always "words", "letters", "alphabets" they fascinate, a really lot. They say a lot. They makes us feel a lot. Just them inspire to write and read a lot. This addiction never finds cure and that's the best part of it I would call. Let's all pay back with our words to the words. Let's all make reading a habit. Glad to be in a position to pay back to the bestest of best, words. Words they make us all✨.