• poetselixir 26w

    Soldier's Mom ❣️

    Hiding the tears in her eyes,
    She said goodbye to her son.
    Clouds of uncertainty hovering,
    An unknown fear creeping inside.
    This day came once again,
    She wish she was strong like him.
    Smiling without thinking of pain
    And she need to smile with him.
    She want to protect him and
    keep him safe in the sheild of her arms
    But she made her heart understand
    Her son was going to save someone's sons.
    She said him a bye with a fake smile
    Continuously praying for well being.
    But then the news came of a missile,
    like the missile it too destroyed everyone.
    Many years have been gone after that
    But still everyone is missing him.
    She was proud and accepted the fate,
    but heart was still waiting to hear his voice.