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    Imagine, nature being so savage. Hehe...well nature is savage! We just can't take it for granted. ��
    I hope you like this.❤️

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    @miraquill I still can't believe this! Am I dreaming? I just randomly thought of checking updates here and suddenly I saw so many messages. I was really shocked! Thank you so much for POD! Happy to know, this was worth reading.❤️✨

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    Man(kind) or Man(rude)? Who are you?

    Decades ago, world was in harmony,
    Later mankind grew, so did the economy,
    Trees and mountains, skies and fields,
    You exploited us just for your greed.

    You kill animals, but what's their fault?
    Never did you think of us taking a halt,
    You cut down forests to build sky scrapers,
    Leaving us homeless in the world of acres.

    Icebergs are slowly breaking down,
    But that doesn't break your egoistic crown,
    Pollution all over is being spread,
    This is something you must see as a dread.

    You are openly embracing new technologies,
    Building factories, owning crores of properties,
    What about our living? What do we do?
    Global warming is your karma giving a clue.

    You call yourself 'liberal' or 'wise' people,
    Then why don't you look upon your deeds so evil?
    Rivers and oceans, aqua life is losing breath,
    Do you witness their slow death?

    You leave us with plastics all over,
    No waste management and pollution grows further,
    Honking, gas in gallons for vehicles so many,
    Do you ever feel for us any pity?

    You maybe the 'intellects' of this earth,
    But you are just a 'dot' of this huge girth,
    Rethink your living and give us our freedom,
    Or nature will pounce back to end your kingdom.

    ~ It's not just you. When time comes, we can be savage too.