• kemella 39w

    What could he have done..

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    That word I've come to hate
    The word everyone throws at you and it's meant to be just fine
    I stand at the corner of my room with my fiance on his knees
    Lord knows I've had enough of his pleas
    I don't wanna hear it
    I just don't wanna hear that word "sorry"
    I give him a stoic look
    Unable to comprehend what just happened
    I can't get the image outta my head
    Yet, can't seem to understand it
    Tears wouldn't fall
    Maybe a drop could have been better than the emptiness I feel inside right now
    How dare he do that to me
    I gave this man everything I possibly own
    My love, time, attention
    Hell I spent all of my money on him
    Our wedding, the one we both talked about over and over is in a couple of days.
    And he does this?!
    Am I really supposed to take the "sorry"
    Swallow it like it's a pill and it's gonna heal me?
    Take it and move on like nothing ever happened?
    I walk out of the room because I've got absolutely nothing to say to him
    He'd better not follow me because those may just be his last steps.