• bluewritings 29w

    Hidden feelings :

        Some people hide their feelings towards their parents due to shyness and being unable to express their words they will hide their feelings in their heart itself for their parents. 
    I am also one of them ,but the reason for hiding my feelings towards them is being shy .
    So today I want to pen down my feelings towards them, especially my mom .
    I love you for mom and dad for encouraging me and supporting me to reach my destiny ,that is my passion .
    I love you both for not scolding me and for understanding me when I stopped my studies in the middle .
    I love you both for respecting my passion and helping me to gain it .
    I love you both for understanding me very well .
    I love you both for encouraging me in every single minute of my life .
    Thanks for being with me and encouraging me .
    I am really thankful to God for giving me such wonderful parents. 
    And mom, I can be ever thankful to you for trusting my talent and encouraging me .
    I also don't know if I trust my talent but you trusted me and made me believe it .
    Thank you so much mom and dad .