• differentlywired 42w

    A Discordant Epiphany

    A tangled mess of electrical signals,
    Firing incessantly in a cosmos of organic cables,
    Reconfiguring and rewiring constantly,
    Painting an illusion of control,
    Weaving your story,
    Orchestrating your world behind the scenes,
    Shaping you every moment,
    Spurring you on and giving you the power to evolve,
    Or mooring you to break and wither away against the sands of time and winds of change,
    Enabling you to push and advance until you can't recognise yourself anymore,
    Or letting you slide and regress, cancelling out all progress,
    Slicing you into multiple characters,
    Or presenting you as a coherent, seamless persona,
    Creating a complex fabric of emotions, thoughts and actions,
    Deciding the ones to be coloured and the ones to be bleached,
    Powering a machine that ought to be synchronous with Time,
    But powered by a spring still unwinding from the past,
    Constituting you but not you,
    Hiding the master key to all your programs,
    Laying out patterns of clues,
    For a puzzle that was always yours to solve,
    All you have to do is be an observer,
    Become the medium and not the outcome,
    To be the stateless center of a stateful system,
    A timeless ensemble esconsed in constant flux.