• riversong 66w


    Be quiet tonight
    Listen to the silence
    Look at the sky
    No moon to be found
    Listen to the silence

    A thick blanket covers the ground
    The cold lays thick in the air
    Listen to the snow fall
    Listen to the absence of sound

    Be still
    Don't move
    Don't think
    Just listen

    Listen to my words
    Be still and just breathe
    Listen and be free from your mind
    Look around at your world

    It's not a perfect world
    It's not glamorous
    But it's your none the less
    So just live for the moment

    It may be filled with monsters
    But right now just breathe
    Be still and just listen to your heartbeat
    The silence is a beautiful sound

    Remember one thing
    Remember what silence sounds like
    Remember that you can be free
    Just listen to silence
    Silence will set you free