• unloved_poetries 16w

    Blurring hopes decay your heart, yet you tell people, love is what keeps you alive.
    Grief of love weighs heavier than the happiness. Broken dreams make you cry instead of the ones you never dreamt about.
    And you tell, dreams are what keep you alive.

    Life must have a sardonic algorithm. Ready to fill your heart and emptying it, as if it were its favourite pastime.

    In every sunset, I see myself drowning within the depth of oceans, and pieces of me scattering away with the evening breezes.
    Somedays, I feel, that's how it'll stop. When I'll vanish in parts, and nothing would remain to bother me anymore.
    Yet every midnight, the grief swims out of the ocean, and sleeps peacefully by my side, keeping me awake.

    Tell me, if you ever saw them coming to an end. I'm waiting for mine.

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