• vasrants 18w


    Life sprouted through you,
    We sprang up with mew.

    We were nurtured and tamed,
    Just the way it could be.

    We ate and we slept,together thinking,
    It'll all be.
    We smiled, we frowned and cried together.

    Holding it all for the better tomorrow's,
    Merrier future,all bright at the burrow

    You guided,chided and even mounded,
    The right,the wrong and everything else.

    We walked behind and then beside,
    Content that you'll maneuver us every side.

    Then came a day,to shatter our dreams,
    Broken,torn and crumpled in every way.

    You left us alone, to get away from this world!
    Leaving us with lot of tears,a legacy to continue.

    We can only try,but can never reach !
    The pinnacle you achieved, is a crown to admire.

    I know today,what you were and how you rose!
    I'll keep in mind to cautiously be ,atleast half you.

    I never had a chance to openly say!
    That you are one man, whom I will love the most.

    My guarding angel,I knew you loved!!
    Cause you allowed me by your side,when you bid good bye.

    I know, you left us .But with bundles of you!
    There will never be a tomorrow, without your thoughts.
    Remaining unfinished, without your part!
    You engraved your presence through everything we have.

    I will stand up and rise tall to show the world!
    That you are a man,who was the best!
    Who raised his kids to be their best.

    I have no one to say ,except you.
    These words are mere letters joint ,
    Which is just a cover to my broken heart!