• jetblackwolf 49w

    12 am;

    I still remember those dark nights, when I broke down into a ball of mess, my head propped on my crossed knees, dried tears marked on my cheeks.

    You were there listening to my silent howls,
    You were there.
    When a speck of the past hits me like a train, where I fell into a dark pit again,
    You listened.

    Days where I felt like I was useless,
    When the whole world was against me,
    When I didn't believe in myself,
    I cried to you, only you
    As you were my closest person I had,
    Eventhough we sung different melodies,
    You loved me with all you had.

    Through sickness and pain,
    You cared, as a friend
    as a partner, a lover

    The space between us, didn't hold us back
    We always waited to meet,
    Until one day, I left.

    If only I was more thankful for your presence in my life, maybe I would have stayed, for you.