• aimansheikh 6w

    And i will love you the same way it was in the start! :)
    7years and forever I guess. ��❤

    I genuinely have nothing to write.
    Let's accept the fact that # has nothing to do with our posts. ��������
    @miraquill_assistant ikr?

    They do what they wanna do!
    @miraquill @writersnetwork

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    May be. :)

    For a long time i have loved you;
    It seems like you never had a clue.
    I'd like it to remain that way,
    Thinking it will subside by itself someday.

    So i kept waiting for that someday,
    Till i realized it one day,
    That 7years have come to pass,
    Yet my heart is still the way it was.