• batgirl26 33w

    "fake love"

    Forehead kisses and loving embraces are showered on me,
    sugary praises and smiling faces is what I see,
    I am invited to special dinners and tea,
    I hear them talking about my choices that earlier no one ever paid heed,
    Compliments are bombarded about my dressing sense,
    I am admired for my beauty and essence.

    But what has caused such a change?
    I remember the incidents from a few days back,
    My presence was barely acknowledged let alone if anyone would ever talk,
    I was same like the wall,
    With everyone, but still alone,
    "I am being Selective", they said about me before,
    Just because I never interacted with everyone much and more,
    "Fleshy and flabby" was what I was in their eyes earlier,
    Lose clothes is what I should wear to look slimmer

    How did things changed straight away?
    May be I know why things has changed.
    I did things in their ways,
    I overlooked my difficulties and tried to ease their days,
    Had shut Myself and obeyed,
    "Everything will happen your way", my actions portrayed.

    I'm everyone's favourite now,
    As much as I want to run away from these fake wows,
    I'll have to stay,
    And hope for the brighter rays,
    For the shining days,
    When I'll never please the society,
    And listen to myself with piety.

    A little patience is what will help me,
    More hard and smart work will lead me,
    To the stronger, bolder version of me!