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    Cauliflower is a handsome folk
    with the tendency to colonize
    my focus of attention among
    the several other vegetables-
    tomatoes, brinjals and capsicum.
    Although the cooked bullets
    of the hefty open-armed
    greenleaves, guarding the
    souvenirs of abandoned hills
    doesn't entices my tastebuds,
    I am well aware about their
    licensed inclusion in the company
    of beneficial vegetables.

    My father prefers to take four
    pieces of bronzelit cloves
    before heading for the busy
    daylight injected schedule.
    I often misplace it's petite container
    to inadvertently book myself
    a memory retention sermon.

    They won't throw their slavishly
    plagiarism-strewn hollow manuscripts
    in the trash but I am ready to
    discard all the misunderstandings
    if you approach me directly before
    the passing of a rancour half-century.

    Torrential stacked newspapers
    yawning in a lonely corner,
    under the dinosauric sky smoking
    staples of fall, I am chomping
    semi churned spiced potato
    chips with carbonated drink,
    wondering how does the first
    arctic sunrise feels like.

    Do you know?