• unloved_poetries 26w

    Where had you lost yourself in the rainy night of a gloomy limbo?
    When had you returned?
    Did you find yourself again when you had returned or were you lost a little more?
    Your lover has left you a letter in the unopened mailbox. She said she misses you. When was the last time you looked her in the eye and told her that she was beautiful or that you loved her?

    Canvas on your tabletop smells of old paint. You forgot to repair your roof last autumn. The raindrops dripped on them, blurring and smearing the lines, untill all the colours mixed to give off a fresh stale smell.
    You should have seen the mess it created.

    The cat you used to feed has settled in a different home. A home from where there's no road that reaches your house. You should have seen how it had waited at the doorstep before leaving. Waiting to purr out a goodbye.

    The fallen leaves unswept in your porch covered up the path. All those who walked down your house were convinced that the house was empty.
    Not that they cared about your existence before, anyways.

    The town had celebrated an event last night and the corner where your house stood spoke of the melancholy to be mourned. It reminded every merry man to count his happiness as long as his gloom hid in the deep ocean.

    Were you still sitting by the dead oak tree, staring at the stars that night, choosing not to break your silence when the town was appreciated for bringing calmness while the quietness of your house was announced eerie?

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