• jaydmarvin 61w


    They asked me Are you in love ?
    O yeah I replied !

    I'm in love with
    The orangy sun inthe morning
    The Zephyr that awakens me ,
    The birds of the skies
    that Continues its chirping!

    I'm in love with the Clouds
    Where the sun is playing
    hide and seek with me Everyday.

    I'm in love with my own shadow
    that comes with me
    wherever I go without hesitation
    Throughout the day!

    I'm in love with
    The moon that peeps out in the evening
    Which later shines bright in the night
    Which never fail to mesmerize the whole night.

    I'm in love with
    The twinkling stars insisting me
    That millions of dreams
    Will sparkle one day As It twinkle
    All the night.

    And yeah I am deeply,
    madly, recklessy, infinitely
    in love with every creation.


    @love_whispererr @fairytales_ @dishang8614 @no_drama @_phoenix

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