• kymberlove1 22w

    Love gone

    I disappeared today,
    My mind drifted,
    My heart, and scars took me away.

    To a place of brokenness I go.
    So far away I am,
    Will love ever find me, and heal my brokenness?

    My soul cried out for you,
    But you didn't hear me.
    I reached for you,
    But you turned away.

    Why my love, did you even care.
    Have you not longed for me the way I longed for you?
    Why have you gone and left me for someone else?

    We made beautiful music, how could you do that to me?
    The cold shoulder, the inside laugh, the stare.
    I wonder if you really loved me in the beginning, I wonder now if you even really cared.

    Broken, did you forget all the things I've done at your weakest?
    Never mind I won't go into that, but
    Did you forget how we held each other tight,
    Made small pillow talks throughout the night.

    Did you forget the touches, and did you forget those days I'd wrap my thighs around you and get freaky with you?

    Hot with desire, I would get wet, just the thought of you made me soaking wet.
    Tasting like a sweet piece of fruit, and smelling like a beautiful wild flower.

    My love why have you gone and left me for someone else.
    Did you forget our sweet tender kisses,
    Did you forget, the park walks, the vacations, the parties, and laughter, the lights.

    Did you forget how you would climb on top because you were so hot, for me though. Did you forget how you would kiss me?

    I thought we were creating our destiny.
    I guess I was wrong, and life does goes on.

    I'm happy for you I really am.
    Now I can be free and get ready for my husband.

    By: Kimberly Corley
    November 11th 2020