• lifediariesndreams 55w

    June Already!!

    Looking at the calander,
    Sitting on the bay,
    Hey its June already today!!!
    Six months down the lane,
    2020 is a mix of pain and gain,
    Monsoon is here
    Bringing the bloom
    Waking up the nature
    Time to spring clean!!!
    The birds are chirping
    And the trees dancing with glory
    Bringing a wave of joy,
    No time to think of the gloom!!
    Enjoy the shower of happiness
    Let it wash over you
    Flash your best smile
    Cribbing.. No time for you!!!
    Learn from the little flowers
    Who spread fragrance all over
    They don't care about what they recieve
    Just do what they believe!!
    Hang in there now
    Enjoy the uncertainty
    Embrace the surprises
    With love and dignity!!!