• ogunsola_ayobami_samuel 24w

    If Today Ends Without Me

    If today ends without me
    Don't come to my grave and weep

    If today ends without me
    Just put my body on a bed to lay
    Do not sorrow nor be in pain
    Celebrate my death for I owe no one debt
    I've lived a life I will never regret

    If my breath should cease before dusk
    Do not look sad, do not even mourn
    Do not cry so loud, for I won't return
    Just gather yourself, for you can't tell tomorrow might be your turn

    If today ends without me
    Just kneel down and pray that in heaven my soul be received
    For where I belong even before I was conceived

    If tomorrow never comes again
    If the day never breaks again
    Just know that I no longer belong to this world
    I'm only a traveling sojourner in this world