• inner_conflict 12w

    Be an agitator
    For yourself
    Lit the sparkplug
    By yourself
    Let others feel shelter
    Under yourself
    Trigger your inner self
    To know yourself
    Out shower the omnipotent
    In yourself
    Be the most bestest
    Version of yourself


    If you fall for someone at
    Some point that really hurts
    But falling for yourself
    Will never hurts you

    #epistrophe #wod @miraquill

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    Aurora of morning
    Is a bliss for Myself
    Solitude that makes
    Me feel Myself
    Thoughts of onism
    Keeps me aware Myself
    Anonymous words I read
    Stays in Verses of Myself
    Serendipity of memories
    Keep motivating Myself
    My dreams keep pushing me
    To do something for Myself