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    Love me when you’re ready not when you’re alone.
    Above line prompted me to write this post #night #tales

    // Real is rare //

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    “Why does love scares you ? ” someone asked her.

    “No it doesn’t. I love love how it made me complete in myself that I stopped looking for my better half and wish to meet my equal someday. It’s just that I don’t want to get so close to anyone who doesn’t know how to hold my heart.
    people think love demands attention. When all it ever demanded was to be felt , heard and consistent enough with honest efforts and not mere fabricated lies .
    I don’t wish for love that steals stars from the galaxy,
    I want to love like the sun kisses the tree tops every morning ,
    I want to be in love like the sun and the moon in eclipses ,
    Intermingled as one in all phases,
    I want to be together yet independent enough to let us grow equally for each other.
    You see I’m not scared of love.
    I’m just scared of getting attached to people who come for shelter in their dark nights ,
    people who are looking for their old lost love in me.
    I don’t fix hearts that I didn’t break.
    You heal you.
    I heal me .
    I don’t want to fall in love.
    I want to walk in love. ”