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    Water is boiling, with tea leaves, on low flame
    Like my thoughts, and void-flowers inside body
    Bricks feel colder, because of silence, sad one
    No aligned beats or moods, you couch-stuck
    Bucket list, to fulfill, but lack of enthusiasm

    Cayenne you sprinkle, on every hot brownie
    The way, uncertainty spices soothing life up
    For, you, don't get settled in comfort, as it's life
    Stars collide, sea torns apart, still you stand
    Unafraid hope under heels, you'll get through

    Opportunity, holler to risks, to thou potential
    Waist bones get weaken, perplexed senses
    Fears, insecurities, hyptonize your courage
    Learning, a side effects of success or failures
    Maples be red of rage to green of gratification

    Caramel-coloured bottles, full of self notes for
    Days, you've been struggling or feeling alone
    Revive 'em, when perfect photos feel anxious
    Don't lock drawers of disasters, of tragedies
    Battles you won or lost, have made you stronger

    It ain't just gunsmoke after shot, it's ashes of
    Half reached destination, half kissed self love
    Feed baby birds, inside your heart, let 'em fly
    For, you never know, when sky calls you there
    Life is beautiful, ugly too, still you've got a gift