• junkyard 10w

    Inspiration comes when you not looking!

    I gave away my curiosity; trusted your stick was leading me right.
    Void of any sense of will or desire.
    My every thought was the smallest measure of time;
    always hours behind reality.
    Escalators were taking me to last floor of my deepest thoughts i guess.
    But i gave away control, didn't I?
    What did i expect to find?
    Figured if i can't stand in the truth of faith, i drift in the error of facts.
    So I quit dressing myself ever since you showed me the right pants.
    With a frozen account, I sure can't shop around.
    Regardless! I'm willing to stay out of fashion on your account.

    I can't imagine how much weight I lost just by jumping into conclusions;
    Only to discover what l thought were prerequisites were just rewards.
    Why was I busy hammering when I didn't know the shape you had designed?
    You were always there making sure the right heaven match-sticks.
    So I will trust you for a spark no matter how long it takes for a burn.
    For now let the thought of tomorrow's heat melt the little ice that remains between you and me.
    And when I'm out of inspiration; I will just stop looking.
    The only difference is this time you are my eyes;
    that's why I'm confident of the walk.