• mimzchishi 28w

    My love

    No matter how Livid I get at HIM the entire day, At the dusk,when I hear him sleeping so peacefully as if there's nothing in the world to stress upon or worry about:) I realize, that's how much He feels Safe to be with me :)
    I throw away my entire pain and agony, forgets just everything and remain super elated and grateful to God Above for blessing me this very man,the Dandy man snoring so loud and clear while I'm still there on the call I just long for the greatest Wish, which is to eradicate all rages, eliminate all the distances between us, sleep beside him, cuddle him so tight and sweet, Blow a gentle kiss on his forehead,caressing him on his Head and Whisper slowly in his ears "Goodnight my Babe".
    It is indeed an extremely inexplicable thing to say how enormously big I cherish this Human being in my life