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    I know I sound completely weird or irrelevant after reading the title, but yes, I mean it.
    Social media is more of negativity, being on a social media platform or being an addict I'm not allowed to say this is what you are thinking right now I guess.

    You are absolutely right but yes, social media is just the reflection of your dream life but not the life you are leading now. Your perspective of life is changing by viewing the stories of people unknown, your mental health is getting spoilt. I spoke to a couple of people about this and realized that social media is being toxic these days, let's not talk about negative part but try to find the solutions anyhow.

    Reasons why social media is being toxic?
    ◆We, the people are expecting the response the way we anticipate it.
    ◆It is the eco-chamber.
    ◆We are uploading stories about the things happening around, but not really taking any measures.
    ◆We are seeking attention.
    ◆We are forgetting ourselves, not knowingly but the way around.
    ◆We act as we care, but we really don't.

    Let's try to bring some change, here are some of my views regarding it.
    ◆We should be real in this reel life.
    ◆Accept the way you live.
    ◆Unfollow the people you don't like or who isn't good for your mental state.
    ◆Be yourself, you cannot fool people for a long span of time.
    ◆Have healthy conversations, let's stop gossiping.
    ◆Stop judging people by their posts or stories.
    ◆Nobody really cares about the number of people you are following or who follows you, let's be sensible.
    ◆Spread positivity.
    ◆Say what you mean, mean what you say, just be real.

    Let's not just talk about the change, let's be the change, let's try to bring some amount of positivity in people's life.
    Because, everybody is in it, but nobody is really in it.

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