• amaya_singh05 29w

    how do I tell you that I love you a lot more than any other person or thing in this world, that none of the day has come when I haven't thought of you, that none of the day has come when I've not cried for you, remembering everything...everything!!
    #willalwaysmissyou #emptysoul #alivingdeadwithoutyou #willalwaysloveyounomatterwhathappens

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    The moment, I see nothing infront of me
    The moment, I find no one beside me
    The moment, I feel all alone
    The moment, I see my life go blur
    The moment, I start feeling suffocated
    The moment, I feel I'm losing my battle with life
    The moment, the passion to get you is high
    The moment, I feel I've lost my everything and I sit in a corner and cry

    Is the moment when I open my phone's gallary and go through your pictures and find you with a smile...