• gladiator001 134w

    Spectrum ( a shade of poetry)

    The moon pours silver blood
    on the lonely mountains,
    The valleys drain love
    through blue rivers,
    The black soils grows cotton
    of white grace,
    The concrete roads are grey
    in their own ways;

    The Scarlett and Merlot fight
    bloody burgundy wars,
    The cyan and indigo have
    shown their true scars,
    The shamrock and the emerald
    are saturated well,
    The pink and purple dwell
    in hues no one can tell;

    The yellow sun turns everything
    into golden brown,
    The orange lights in the streets
    burns in an old town,
    The purple rain exploded
    into a spurious song,
    The red roses hold fragrances
    but not for long...


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