• shelagh77 48w

    The dreaded friend TIME.

    Here I was all along praising you
    Knowing that you had my back
    But everyday that goes by
    I lose more of you
    I fear that you pass with a person who I love
    With an embrace I can't feel anymore

    You have become more of an enemy than the friend I knew
    You take and take without giving
    And when I think I finally won
    You take those I have to celebrate with
    How I wish you would be kind enough
    And pause
    Pause for a little while so that I get to be happy and successful
    With everyone that I love and care about around to cheer me on

    I don't want to say I hate you TIME
    But I just don't get why everything about you
    Comes with a price.
    To WIN and LOSE
    Like one thing always pays for another.