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    Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Only Beauty ?!


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    Alleged Sunsets

    Sunsets have been
    falsey interpreted for
    their scenic serenity.
    They have a subdued side
    of a defeated disposition
    that sparkles in sublimity.

    Being invariably admired for
    a sham it gives up, upon
    the chimeric clans of humans.
    Too wishful, too hopeful
    to catch the meanings
    often blended in for beauty.

    They die in an essay to kill
    the expectant enemies of verity
    who rest their fantasies in fiction.
    The fanatics keep it alive
    till the dawn wakes up
    again in an anger
    only to be savvied back.

    It has been an apparent cycle
    since the smiles have sought
    the downfall as a rebirth.
    Nothing keeps the man rooted
    while aiming a tangent
    on the blister of their existence.

    Always trying to come up
    with a colour to compensate
    sunsets are merely seen
    and never calculated as a despair,
    which falls its head on the heedless
    for yet another futile attempt
    that keeps the mortals alive in alchemy.