• iambri 55w

    ILY & INY

    I love you and I need you.

    I know, it's hard to believe me now afterall I've said and done.

    The truth of all is, I've come to realize so much things.

    Maybe, it helped that I got away, that we got apart. That's why, I have learned my lessons now. I never wanted to let you go no more.

    It's okay.

    It's okay if you're not feeling the same about me and us already.

    What's important is I'm at your side and you're with me.

    It's okay if I go with other guy to marry. It's okay if you marry someone else.

    As long as you are with me. Everything is okay with me.

    Because I do not want to demand anything anymore.

    Your presence with me is just truly enough.

    This is not tragic. I just want it to be this way as I don't want to give you pain no more.

    I wouldn't want to be that annoying and impatient brat anymore towards you.

    Maybe, we have a lot of differences, but it doesn't matter right?

    What matter now is I love you. You are the one who matter to me the most now.

    Nobody and nothing else.