• priyasha1199 41w

    We are not scared of love but we are scared of getting heartbroken.
    We are not afraid to swim but we are afraid of drowning.
    We are not terrified of heights but we are scared of falling.
    We are not afraid of opening up to people but we are worried that someone would break our trust.
    We, humans, are so complicated that we are anxious about taking the first step because we are uncertain of the next step and assume we will fail.
    We do not want to live in the present moment rather we either live in the past or future as it seems easy.
    And that's where the problem arises,
    The life and situation aren't as complicated as it seems to be yet we tend to make it.
    Instead of focusing only on the negative factor, why just can't, we look up at the positive side as well?
    Yes, the things which are meant to happen will happen anyway, but isn't it better to take the first step rather than standing and cribbing over the situation without doing anything and regretting it at the end?