• shayraanshy_ 34w


    Sometimes it's really hard to delete someone permanently from your 'Memories';
    It's really really difficult to control your tears again even if you have controlled them from ages;
    It's really really difficult to move on in life;
    It's hard to not remember that 'someone' especially when you are listening a relatable song which was once a favourite of his/hers;
    It's hard to lend a shoulder to someone who is heartbroken despite of you are also dealing with same trauma;
    It's hard to convey your feelings to someone who is no more a part of your life now;
    It's really hard to keep a smile on your face even if your heart aches daily;
    It's hard to pretend strong infront of your parents even if you also feel sometimes depressed;
    It's hard to show someone how much you love them by saying nothing just nothing;
    It's hard to find a person who stays with you thru every thick & thin;
    Trust me !!!
    It's hard Its very very hard.