• diana733 101w

    I........ need a friend
    In my world of own and our laughters never end.
    A friend to grin at me idiotically
    Even on the silliest matter, we would laugh hysterically.
    A friend who doesn't needs any invitation
    Instead someone who invades my privacy, a perpetual irritation.
    A playsome and frolicsome person
    To be with whom I don't need any reason.
    A friend to make me laugh when I cry
    And a friend to cherish my happiness by just presence, not a lie.
    A friend with whom , when I look at, all my worries evaporate
    Who caresses me and let all my happiness, back condensate.
    A friend who not just pretends to have rights on me
    But actually owns me!

    Hey guys! Again after a long!
    Well hope u all r safe and sound!
    Anyways, did u found that friend?
    Because I am glad to have one!��������
    Have a nice day!
    #mirakee #pod #postoftheday #friends #besties #bffgoals

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    Ideal Friend

    In my world of own and our laughters never end!