• natashajacobs 49w


    A vase sits beautifully
    Unknowing of its fate
    Holding its dandies & petunias
    When someone arrives to make it "great"
    And handling it most aggressively
    Of course that vase did break
    But it didnt matter to someone
    Because "you're useful" for goodness sake
    And so bits of fragments fell
    Each shard representing a tear
    And vase didnt know what to do
    Because it was so instilled with fear
    Then one day someone stepped on a shard
    And screamed who put this here
    And blamed the vase for its state
    And made it perfectly clear
    That if it didnt pull it together
    There would be more hell to pay
    So sweep up each of these pieces
    And do NOT get in my way
    But! said the vase...
    I was in a glorious place
    You arrived and stole ME
    Dont you think you're way of base?
    And this angered the someone
    Because he wanted the vase to be quiet
    He didnt bring them here for this
    I must break them up before they riot
    If they're fragmented they cant unite
    And I'll have them under my thumb
    I will remind them that they're broken
    And make sure they dont remember where their from
    They should be so grateful
    Someone says with an angry fist
    We even let them hold our flowers
    We even let them exist
    So what are they so angry about?
    They're always putting up fights
    They said something about injustice
    And something else about equal rights
    Well listen that's up to you
    We'll do our part and let you be "free"
    Figure out how to make your own way
    And don't come crying to me
    And the vase said we were free
    You havent given us a thing
    We wont rest until we're equal
    We will raise our voice and sing
    Til all our pieces return to us
    From the depths that you did bury
    All the burdens...all the heartache
    We were certainly not meant to carry
    Yet we have made it out
    And we arent even sure how
    We never settled for less
    And we surely arent stopping now!
    We are not something you thrifted...
    Do you see what we're seeing?
    We are not a fragment
    We are whole magnificent being!